Sterisept 2.4 % Glutaraldehyde 2.4% w/v]

- A yellow coloured solution buffered at pH6 with a hydrolyzing agent in the presence of a surface active catalyst, colour and excipients. - A ready to use solution not for further dilution.


- A solution for high level disinfection /cold sterilization and cleaning of heat sensitive equipment e.g. dialysis instruments, surgical instruments, dental instruments suction bottles, bronchoscopes, endoscopes and ear, nose and throat instruments.
- Non-Corrosive to equipment
- Solution is a sterilant [Sporocidal] when used at 20°C with a contact time of 10 hours and a high level disinfectant with exposure time of 45 minutes at 25°C.
- Clean the equipment and soak in a tray or automatic endoscope reprocessor.
- For normal disinfection add 10ml to 10Litres of water. Rinse equipment with clean water after soaking.
- Discard diluted solution after 14 days.

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