Sterisept [glutaraldehyde 2%]

Sterisept is a high level disinfectant for immersible heat sensitive surgical and medical equipment such as endoscopes, dental instruments, dialysis equipment, suction bottles and bronchoscopes. This product achieves high level disinfection in 20 minutes at 20°C making it very effective. The solution is highly stable thus reusable for up to 14 days.


To activate add the entire contents of the attached Sterisept Activator bottle into 5L of Sterisept and mix adequately. Clean the equipment to be sterilised and soak in a tray or automatic endoscope reprocessor containing activated Sterisept. This solution is sporocidal at 20°C with a constant time of 45 minutes and a high level disinfectant at 20°C for 20 minutes.
It is necessary for the items to be disinfected to come in full contact with Sterisept solution, not leaving any surface of the item unsubmerged in it. Remove after required time and rinse with distilled water. Discard unused activated solution after 14 days.
For aerial/fog sterillization apply undiluted activated solution at the rate of 2 Litres per 200m³.

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