- Quaternary ammonium based liquid cleaner and disinfectant for the food industry.
- A food safe sanitizing agent.


- A non corrosive sanitizer that is effective even in the presence of organic matter.
- Sanquart-C is therefore ideal for use in footbaths and for disinfection of floors, walls, tables, conveyors, wash tanks, graders, truck beds, pallets spraying or fogging and allowing to drip dry.
- Ideal for sanitizing utensils, dishes, splash backs, silverware, trays, table tops, counter tops, floors, walls, sinks and food processing equipment such as coffee makers, freezers, meat blocks, grinders, saws, deep fat fryers, steam kettles and refrigerators
- Has the advantage of residual antimicrobial activity.
- Can be applied as foam for visual control.
- Effective for odour control in drains,
- Use undiluted as a surface spray using a mechanical spray device, cloth or mop
- For general disinfection use a dilution of 1 litre in 50 litres of water.

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