Duo-bleach [Sodium Hypochlorite 4-6%]


- Effective against many bacteria and some viruses, ooften a disinfectant of choice in hospitals.
- Solution is corrosive to metals and needs to be rinsed thoroughly or followed by an ethanol disinfectant.
- Used in laundry for removal of stains especially on cotton fibre.
- 150ml diluted to 5L with water for disinfection of toilets.
- 400ml diluted to 5L for disinfection of laboratories, operation theatres, emergency wards and stretchers.
- 1.5L diluted to 5L for highly contaminated waters, HIV and Hepatitis B virus inactivation.
- 800ml diluted to 5L with water for TB sputum disinfection & items contaminated with spilled blood and body fluids.
- 80 ml diluted to 5L for patients laundry, linen.
- Used in endodontics during root canal treatment at a conc. of 0.5 due to its potency against pathogenic organisms and pulp digestion.

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