- An alkaline foam cleaning detergent specially formulated for cleaning in the beverage, brewing, dairy and food processing factories.


- Ideal for use on all working surfaces as well as blending, holding and filling machines for easy removal of fat and protein stains without need for additional foam boosters.
- Suitable for use on stainless steel, copper and brass.

Dose rate:
Light Soil: Mix 5 Litres to 150 Litres of hot water at 50-60°C.
Medium Soil: Mix 10 Litres to 150 Litres of water at 50-60°C
Heavy Soil: Mix 15 Litres to 150 Litres of hot water at 50-60°C
- Allow 10-15 minutes contact time. Rinse with water after adequate contact.

Pack Size:

20 ltrs