Cloritane (Chlorhexidine digluconate 5% w/v)


- An antiseptic active against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and some fungi and viruses.
- Most active in neutral or alkaline conditions
- A surface active agent is present to inhibit precipitation when dilutions are made with hard water.
- Dilute to a suitable concentration with freshly distilled water, tap water or alcohol.
- 120ml made upto 3.5L with water
- This dilution is suitable for swabbing in obstetrics, wounds and burns.
-For storage of sterile instruments, first sterilize the dilution by autoclaving at 115°C-116°C for 30 min. or at 121°C-123°C for 15 min.
- Dilute 5 ml in 15 ml of water made upto 100ml with 95% alcohol (1 in 10)
- For preoperative skin disinfection.
- For disinfection of emergency instruments immerse for 2 minutes excluding endoscopes containing cemented glass compounds.

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