Cloriscrub (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%w/v)

Cloriscrub is an antbacterial skin cleansing preparation for pre-operative hand disinfection, antiseptic handwashing and pre- and post-operative skin disinfection for patients undergoing surgery. Cloriscrub is ideal for use in hospitals and nursing homes.

Instructions for Use:

1. Pre-Operative Hand Wash and Disinfection:
a. Wet forehands and arms, then apply Cloriscrub and rub for atleast one minute while cleaning under the fingernails with a soft brush. Rinse and repeat the whole process. Finally rinse with clean water and dry.

2. Pre-Operative Body Disinfection for surgical patients:
a. Wash the entire body twice before and after the day of operation. Spread 30ml Cloriscrub starting from the face downwards to the whole body while paying particular attention to the areas around the nose, neck armpits, groin, navel and perineum (Space between the genitals and anus). Repeat the entire process with a further 30ml of Cloriscrub. Rinse with plenty of water and dry. For bed ridden patients use the standard bed-bath technique.

3. Post-Operative Body Disinfection for surgical patients:
a. Wash the entire body excluding the operation site on day three following the operation as per procedure No.2.


For external use only. Not for use by injection. Do not use in body cavities. Avoid contact with eyes and internal body organs.

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